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Dawn on Burwell Fen

Handheld, hence the high ISO, with the Fuji XE2 and Samyang 12mm - a combination I'm growing to love more and more. I had actually been out with the 400mm (Barn Owls) but always bring my Fuji with me to scope out potential landscape opportunities. The conditions were actually more perfect for proper landscape work so was a bit annoyed I had to hand hold this. I had exposed for the highlights and then looked to grab what I could from the shadows. I think you have to admit the recovery potentials from the Fuji RAW file is pretty impressive. I'm excited about trying this more instead (or as well as) multiple exposure blending. Would certainly make my life a lot easier in post. Pre Dawn on Burwell Fen

Roe Deer Calling, Kestrels dive bombing and a Barn Owl hunting. Now I just need to find a way to attach the Fuji onto the Gitzo tripod for improtu landscape work.

Technical details

  • Fuji XE2 + Samyang 12mm
  • ISO 6000 (not bad for a mirrorless hey :)
  • 1/18th second @ f/8 (not bad for only one cup of coffee)
  • PP in Lightroom (detail extraction from the shadows, small crop from original, slight boost in exposure, minor tweaking of highlights)