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A Misty Morning at Burwell Fen


A Misty Morning at Burwell Fen

A shoot from a few weeks back while down at Burwell Fen. I absolutely love the Fens when the conditions are such. It really does add some mystery and moodiness to the place. Add to that the braying of the Konik Ponies across the wide open spaces, the Ghost of the Fens (the Barn Owl) silently drifting low over the reed beds and the feeling of solitude as you look out and realise that you may be the only person for miles around. Perfection. All images shot on the Fuji XE2 with the Samyang 12mm. Processing in Silver FX Pro 2 with a custom built filter, aptly named A Misty Burwell Morning.

A Frame within a Frame

On Reflection

The Path Forward

A Morning Stroll

The Lone Figure

One Man and his Dog

Hope you enjoyed my little stroll around Burwell Fen. Don't let seemingly unfavourable weather stop you from venturing outside. I feel it's at times like these the Fens really do show their wonderful character.


Mad Dogs and Fuji Men


Mad Dogs and Fuji Men

I'm back over in Northern Ireland at the moment with my mum and dad. Since dad's operation I've been coming over once every few weeks to see him and help out around the place. It is at times like this that I especially love the size of my Fuji kit. Trips like this [with one cabin bag] I would never have thought about bringing the Canon kit and had been left frustrated with the options for photography with the iPhone. Fuji XE2 + 35mm (ISO 800, F/11, 1/1200)

Unlike my previous trips I decided to leave the tripod at home and only brought one lens with me, the Fuji 35mm (f/1.4) I love this lens, so sharp I'm sometimes worried I'll cut myself on the images. Fantastic in low light with a buttery, creamy bokeh to die for.  Perfect for impromptu street shooting or some indoor portrait work.  What I didn't expect, however, was to be shooting landscapes with it - especially in the midday sun. Mad dogs and Fuji Men?

Fuji XE2 + 35mm (ISO 800, F/11, 1/1200)

Yesterday it was a bright sunny day and I decided to take a walk down to Island Hill at low tide. It really was beautiful out there. Plenty of waders on the mud flats. Noisy Oystercatchers and black headed gulls all around. The place is internationally important for many different species and I remember spending many a day bird watching or even kayaking on the loch as I was growing up. I also kissed my first girl down at Island Hill :)

Fuji XE2 + 35mm (ISO 800, F/8, 1/3200)

Shooting at ISO 800 in daylight conditions to allow for more dynamic range, which in turns allows for both shadows and highlights to be pulled from the heights and depths of the image. I simply love that about the Fuji and certainly has opened up plenty of photographic opportunities when filters or bracketed shots was not wanted or possible.

Fuji XE2 + 35mm (ISO 800, f/11, 1/3000)

All of the images have had one simple bit of post processing done to them. I imported into Silver FX Pro and applied one of my custom pre-sets on it. This one is called "The Elephant Watering Hole". I typically name my pre-sets based upon the very first image that I used it on, and in this case it was an Elephant in South Africa. Like the look of the pre-set? Get in touch and I can provide it for you.

Fuji XE2 + 35mm (ISO 800, f/8, 1/1800)

Very pleased with the hour or so I spent down on the beach at Island Hill. Good for the soul to get outside into the fresh air. With my upcoming change it is the one thing I'm looking forward to most. Just tramping around with the camera. Immersing myself into the environment. A day like yesterday always teaches me that photography should not simply be about the epic sunrise or the far flung landscape. Not just about the Golden Hours for sure. Instead it's all about shooting more. Discovering more. And yesterday I discovered that shooting with a 35mm lens (53mm equiv) under the midday sun can still reveal some pleasing images. I hope you enjoyed them.

Fuji XE2 + 35mm (ISO 800, f/8, 1/1400)

All images shot on the Fuji XE2 with the 35mm f/1.4 lens. Jpeg (fine) setting used along with B+W film simulation. No cropping and all images imported into Silver FX Pro where a custom preset was used.