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Focus Peaking - A Game Changer ?


Focus Peaking - A Game Changer ?

Okay so Focus Peaking isn't exactly new. It's been around for a few years, but having just picked up my first manual focus lens I have been putting it through its paces for the very first time on my Fuji X-E2. I had been wanting a new landscape lens for quite sometime, initially considering something from the Zeiss range to pair with my Canon 1DX. I then started to consider my future self when on the road and decided to invest in some glass for my Fuji. I had narrowed my choice down to three potentials; the Samyang 12mm, Zeiss 12mm or the Fuji 10-24, finally choosing the Samyang 12mm.

note I'll be posting on a later blog entry some thoughts on the Samyang along with sample images. For now back to Focus Peaking. 

Focus Peaking - Red

The idea behind focus peaking is that it will allow you to see the areas of the image which have achieved focus by outlining those parts in a different colour (which is configurable). In the above image you can see the red highlights quite prominent on the sails of the wind pump. In the second image below you can see I've zoomed in on the benches to again confirm that focus has been achieved.

Focus Peak - Zoom to check

Now of course the photographer is still responsible for working out Depth of Field / Hyper-focal calculations but the Focus Peaking makes it very easy to check focus without squinting into the LCD. I found myself being able to quickly check focus (later confirmed through 100% crop back in the office) even as I changed Aperture or indeed setup different view points.

Fuji and Samyang - Perfect Partnership ?

Sadly the sunrise wasn't as good as I had hoped (or indeed how the Met Office website had predicted) although about 30 minutes after sunrise the clouds started to take on some colour which helped lift the overall final image (see below). I'm sure there are plenty of techniques when it comes to focus peaking and I aim to do some serious testing with this lens over the coming weeks.

Wicken Sunrise