It's been a while since I picked up the camera or, to be honest, dabbled in anything photography related. Last week I headed out with the camera for no other reason than to wander. It was nice to be back out, especially with no real plan, just me and the landscape. 

As I was packing up I noted another potential composition and made my way down to the water's edge. It was a typical April day with plenty of showers passing through, creating ever-changing lighting conditions. 

Quite often, as a landscape photographer, we can fool ourselves into thinking the light is 'good' when in fact the good light has gone (or lessened) or indeed was never there to begin with. 

As an example of this two images below, straight out of the camera, showing how light can make such a difference to your images, especially when it comes to creating depth. And this isn't even soft evening or morning light.

Anyway, just thought I'd share this as I continue to dabble 


Sun behind cloud




Sun revealed