I was over in Co. Donegal this past weekend leading a workshop and the day before the clients arrived I took a final jaunt around some of our locations, making some final preparations for tides, potential compositions and light. (I always do this no matter how often I've lead a workshop in a particular location) 

While I had the main cameras (Fuji) with me they stayed firmly in the bag and I simply used my iPhone7Plus, which is such a remarkable tool for working on potential compositions as well as capturing fleeting moments of light. I also noticed in my email that Adobe had added HDR shooting to Lightroom mobile; the ability to merge 3 DNG (RAW) files to give greater dynamic range, similar to the technology that is in the desktop version of lightroom. (which I use quite a lot) 

Perfect opportunity to try this feature out with all of the following images not only taken on the iPhone but also fully edited using LR mobile. I then copied those out to my sync folder (on the iPhone) which then made them available (once I was on a fast enough wireless network) in my main LR catalog at home. 

I have to say I am very impressed. Clicking on each image will open them up in a seperate lightbox. 

One issue I noted was that the presets seem to cause significant issues with exposure (under exposed) so not sure if that is a bug or something else I'm missing. 

I can see me using this HDR feature with RAW files in LR Mobile more and more - although I really wish we could have control over the lens aperture on the iPhone.