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I had really hoped to get this article out before Christmas but then the normal end of year craziness took hold and before I could say no more Christmas Pudding mum I'm fit to explode, it's the first week in January (and I still can't fit into the pants I was wearing in November).

Anyway, as I've said before, I love to be inspired by other photographers and as much as I think Social Media has, at times, had a negative impact on my own photography, it has certainly opened my eyes to a wide range of not only talented photographers, but also good friends.  For that I'm happy to balance the mostly good with sometimes bad in social media and actually look forward to discovering some new photographers in 2017. 


Every time I hear Rachel's name mentioned online or see one of her images, my mind is immediately transported back to that very first time seeing her image "Poseidon Rising". One of those images that has stuck with me for quite a while and indeed, now that I live roughly 18 manly steps from the Wild North Atlantic Ocean, means even more. In fact I've just spent a further 5 minutes transfixed on that image instead of completing this post. 

But you see it's not just the dramatic energy of the wild waves that gets me. Take a look through her "Sand" and "Ice" portfolios and the smaller, often forgotten, details of our landscape are beautifully represented.  

Other favourites of mine from her collection include "Tempest", "White Cliffs" and "Hail Cloud, Burling Gap" 


Mr 2016 Wex man himself !!! (I'm glad I checked this post a few times for spelling mistakes as that originally said "Wax" man).

Now some folks have a problem with the Wex weekly competition, and that is their own business, but for me personally, while I've only ever entered about 3 images since it started, the mere fact that I've discovered many new photographers through it means it gets a huge thumbs up from me. 

While Neil has become known for his minimalist style over the year, and rightly so with some beautiful evocative work ("Abyss", "The North Pole" and my own personal favourite "No Smoking" to name a few), his ability to seemingly turn his hand expertly to a number of other genres has been mighty impressive. I'm hoping that he does indeed do much more astro photography in 2017 as his first few tries were, well, just a wee bit good. 

So there you have it. Another two photographers who I have linked in my bookmarks and who have, throughout 2016, inspired me in my own journey. 

I do hope you take more than a few moments to check out their work. 


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