Print Giveaways

Last year I gave away 12 free prints to random folks who had liked my Facebook page. One of the main reasons for doing this was to force me to print my work, something that I had neglected too much in the past. 

In fact it actually resulted in me picking up my own printer at home, an Epson SC-P600 and I have to say it's a decision that I wish I had made a long time before. 

Here are 11 (of the 12 images) chosen by the winners. The final winner is still deciding :) 

Image of the Month

So this year I'm going to do things a little differently. While I may still choose an odd random winner of a free print, this year I'm going to choose a single print per month and heavily discount the price in my store for an A3 print. 

£20 (normally £30)

Each of the prints will be produced by me on Fotospeed Premium Paper and the price will include UK delivery*. 

And so to get things started I'm offering one of my most popular images from last year. It was captured on the dramatic Giants Causeways back in June on a particular beautiful evening just as the sun was setting over the horizon. I'm not normally one for shooting directly into the sun but on this occasion I made an exception. 

This image will be printed on Fotospeed Platinum Baryta 300 paper, a fine art paper with a smooth unglazed gloss finish. I've printed this particular image a number of times on this paper and I have to say it looks fantastic. 

To order this print head on over hereEnsure you include the reference for this particular print - NCP2016047.

Meet me in the Evening Sun

Meet me in the Evening Sun


*WorldWide delivery is available at an additional charge.