A Bit of Alone Time

One of my favourite locations, especially during the summer months, to watch a new day break is Murlough Bay. It's position affords for glorious dawn light most of the year. During the summer months, however, is my favourite time down here as the 5am sunrise will mean the chances of you meeting anyone else is remote.

Happy Birthday To Me

This past weekend was just one of those times and it turns out also the day I celebrated my 41st birthday. I could not have wished for a better start to welcome not only a new day, but also a new year of my life, hopefully full of more of the same. 

It's actually a location which I've not even started to explore the full potential. There are of course a few 'safe' shots down there, the ones which appear in most collections. While these are undoubtedly beautiful compositions (under the right light) I know there is a lot more to exploit down there and I really hope to spend quite a bit of time down here over the coming months. 

Weather Beaten 

I'm especially drawn to the trees down here as they really do show the impact of the weather which no doubt beats down for many months of the year. They really are showing their age, but this just adds to the character of the place. 

Project Potential ?

The location has so much potential I'm hoping to capture a number of images from the area over the next 6 months to see if I can put together a bit of a project, especially through Autumn and Winter when its soul is laid bear to the elements. 

All images here shot on the Fujifilm XE2 with the 10-20mm lens.