It's been a while since I posted anything from my moments series. I'm not quite sure why that is as I rather like the format of posting almost 'postcards' from recent trips here on the blog. Perhaps that is partly due to my X100Diaries blog which I find quite often has postcard type memories from trips, albeit taken with the most excellent Fujifilm X100T. 

Still I've been through images from a recent trip across to Rathlin Island, just off the coast of Ballycastle. We headed across to celebrate Nicola's birthday and so this wasn't specifically a photo trip as such. 

A beautiful island, full of fantastic wildlife (including the unique golden hare), picturesque landscapes and of course a rich history.  In a way it reminded me of my time on Skokholm and also how over these past 6 months my focus, pretty much 100%, has been on landscape photography rather than the wildlife. 

The trip however was another useful outing for the Fuji 100-400, a lens which I still believe has some kind of magic pixie dust sprinkled over due to the capabilities of the OIS. Honestly, every time I look at my shutter speed (say 1/80th second) along with the focal length (400mm) then peer through the viewfinder at the stable image in front of it, I'm totally blown away. 

Anyway, just some moments from our trip across. I did record a little bit of video which may or may see the light on my YouTube channel. Until then, I guess, it's the photos only.