Fuji Sunrise 

Okay I admit, for the past 6 months I've been pretty much 100% Fuji converted already (well apart from iPhone and Holga). In that time I've added the Fuji XT1 + 18-155mm lens combo and the Fuji 100-400 (with the 1.4x) (which now sit alongside my XE2, 10-24mm, 35mm and XT100)

I still had a hulking load of Canon kit sitting in my office which I needed to either hold onto (just in case I thought about switching back) or getting rid of the whole job lot (and in doing so my 10 year association with the brand). 

Goodbye Canon .. It's been a privilege 

Now, I'm not about to say a bad word about the Canon kit. My situation changed at the end of 2015 and this meant that it was very difficult to justify some of the Canon kit I was using. That said however I could have very easily considered sticking with the Canon brand and heading down their mega pixel route (5DSR for example). I know a lot of people are very very happy and I myself have seen in print some of the fantastic images produced by landscape photographers using such kit. 

Canon 1DX + 70-200

Canon 1DX + 70-200

I had however been very happy with my initial work with the Fuji XE2 over the previous 16 months and so decided to jump full lock stock into the Fuji family, purchasing the kit mentioned above. I then started by initially selling the Pro Canon bodies (2 x 1DX to begin with). Next up came a raft of lens choices including the 70-200mm, 24-105mm, 105mm, and the 50mm. 

This left me with two bits of Canon kit, the 7D MKII and the 400mm f/2.8. My thinking here was that this still left me with some great wildlife shooting kit should the need arise. Over the past few months however I've been more and more impressed with the Fuji 100-400mm lens (seriously I'm sure there has been some Fuji pixie dust sprinkled on the OIS feature on that lens) and while I've been mostly using it to shoot a mixture of intimate forest detail, surfers and motor bikers rather than specifically wildlife, I know that this lens will stand me in good stead should the need arise to point my lens at the something grizzly/furry/flighty 

Some Fuji X Wildlife Photographers who I admire are Chris Weston and Ben Cherry

So these past two weeks I've managed to move on the 7D MK II (to a fantastic wildlife shooter who I know personally) and finally my beloved (and slightly battered) 400mm f/2.8. We had some fantastic times together and it will be a lens that I'll miss more than pretty much all of my other kit. Thankfully it will continue its life as a sports shooter, albeit north of the border in Scotland. 

Canon 1DX + 400mm 

Canon 1DX + 400mm 

The Future ?

For me personally, the future is Fuji. Their cameras, lens choices and of course community ticks all of the boxes that my situations requires. I loved my XE2 when I first picked it up and carry my X100T everywhere but where it all really began to fall into place was earlier in the year when I picked up the XT1. Those dials and buttons. The tactile feel. I know many Fuji shooters have waxed lyrical about 'that feel' and it may sound a bit like marketing doo-hicky, but I now know where they are coming from. I feel it too. Even in recent shoots, as I'm standing at the edge of a wind ravaged coastline, composition locked in, taking the time to consider the settings to best reflect the scene and my mood. Turning dials, one careful notch at a time. I feel as though I'm part of the camera and it's part of me. I never did quite get that with the Canon. It was a tool for the job (a dam good tool of course). But just a tool. 

I'm really excited about the future with Fuji, especially come September when the first customers start to take delivery of the XT2. I myself am not yet planning on picking one up (although the multi-directional flip out screen keeps calling my name ... the pull out screen was a revelation for me) but I shall watch with interest. 

Thank you Canon .... It's been a privilege and to Fuji, I'm super excited where this journey is heading. 

Fuji XT1 + 18-135mm (A New Dawn) 

Fuji XT1 + 18-135mm (A New Dawn) 

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