I was down visiting my parents this past week. While I try and focus my attention to helping them out during my monthly visits I also keep an eye on the weather just in case things come together for a shoot. 

One location that I've struggled to come away with anything I've been happy with is up at Scrabo Tower. With storms in the area the sky looked like it could do something interesting so I packed my bag and made the short journey up. 

Sadly nothing much going on with the tower in the frame but I then started to pay attention to the distant horizon. As the sun slowly set behind me, the light and color on Strangford Lough was beautiful. In the distance the Mourne Mountain range was looking spectacular with a layer of mist lapping around the base with large colourful Cumulonimbus dancing above. 

How best to represent what I was looking at in a single image. I had my Fujifilm 18-135 on the XT1 and liked filling the frame with the view of the horizon (@135mm). A single image however wasn't really representative of what I was experiencing so I thought I'd try my hand at a Panoramic. 

The Pano feature on the Fuji cameras allowed me to visualize what the final image would look like and I fired a few test shots to consider the start and end points to my image. 

I kept the lens at 135mm and shot a series of horizontal images, both across the Lough and then across the mountains. Back at home I took a series of 10 images, then a series of 17 images to create the panoramic. (using panoramic stitch in Lightroom). 

I'm rather pleased with how they came out, especially as this was my first attempt and I've not got any specific panoramic heads or otherwise for my tripod. 

Certainly will look to do more of these in the very near future. 

A shot video on the experience along with the final images below.