Mussenden faces up to an incoming weather cell tracking up the Co.Donegal coastline ... 

This particular morning I had noticed in my planning that there was potential for changeable weather passing close to my location. Always a good sign for potential drama. 

Despite heavy rain and wind passes through I actually remained relatively dry, with the majority of them passing about 1/5 mile to the east and west ... 

The systems were forming, moving and dissipating very quickly so I had to keep pretty flexible with my shooting position, although thankfully this particular cell was a tad slower moving and I was able to predict its movement .. 

Shortly after this was taken the sun behind me burst through a cloud and a rainbow, right over Mussenden, was formed. 

Shot on the Fujifilm XT1 with the 18-135mm lens which allowed me the flexibility needed to work with the changeable weather .. 

I also wanted to emphasise the drama in the darkness in the clouds so this combined with the white waves washing in over the beach meant a soft edge ND grad filter positioned to balance the exposure. I then wanted a slightly longer exposure to give a more calmer feel to the waves so a 4 stop ND grad was added. (Both from Formatt Hitech Filters. )

22mm, f/13, ISO 200, 0.5 seconds 

In The Face Of The Storm

In The Face Of The Storm

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