I simply love living by the coast. I didn't realise just how much the sea and everything that goes with it would get under my skin (as well as into most layers of clothes that I'm wearing at the time)

I think there are a few reasons why this is.

Firstly the sheer raw power of the sea on one day, enough to quite literally take your breath away, and then it's almost tranquil calming effect the next. Soft waves washing over pebbles as they are slowly pulled over one another is a soundtrack I could listen to time and time again. 

Secondly, the changes each new tide brings (there are a few beaches no more than a few miles away which are an absolute soul enriching joy to walk along as the tide goes out) , no footprints, a fresh start. New beginnings. 

And lastly, my own artistic journey has, I believe, improved as a direct result of living so close to the sea. Having the iPhone in my pocket 24x7 is a big factor in helping me capture the sea on a daily basis as it allows me to 'play' as I wander. I sometimes spend hours in one spot, watching the light dance on the surface. The waves making their journey. The tide moving. Nature as my canvas. 

Here we have a 2 second exposure as I walked along a stretch of beach outside our flat. The longer exposure allowing the space between the sky, the sea and the sand under my feet to blend into one. The movement, the soft hues of sunset and the sand still visible.



Yes, the sea and the coastline is with me to stay .....