For me the Island of Mull remains one of my favourite places on the planet. I still remember that giddy feeling I get in the pit of my stomach as the ferry doors open to reveal the village of Craignure.  It helps if there is a low mist clinging on to the rocks above the ferry terminal. 

Earlier today, I just happened to be going through my digital archive and came across the image below which I took on my last visit. It was on this trip that we actually met up with Tony and Carol Dilger while camping on the shores of Loch Na Keal

Twas a pretty simple existence. Get up in the morning (early) and go see if Mr / Mrs Otter was around, followed by some freshly brewed coffee. Then we would all head our separate ways for the day on a Wildlife Watching Odyssey - Eagles (Sea and Golden), Harriers and Otters to name but a few. Despite us quite often saying our goodbyes each morning with the idea being we would be camping in different spots on the island, we always ended up back together on that little stretch of flat grass overlooking the loch. After some food we would all gather together, quite often over a wee dram, and watch as the sun slide behind the horizon as we swapped stories of our day's adventures. 

For me as close to a perfect day as is possible to have. 

This image, for me, sums up the Essence of Mull - I can still remember making this,  the calmness on the loch, the silence surrounding us, punctuated only by the noise of the Nikon and Canon shutters. 

The Essence of a Place - Great Norther Diver on the Island of Mull