Following on from my previous post I decided to head down to Wicken Fen yesterday as the weather looked favourable for some macro photography - light winds and sunshine. 

I actually had a particular image in my mind, one I might hasten to add I didn't quite capture (then again that means another visit soon !) but still managed to have a fantastic morning with, for a few hours at least, seemingly whole reserve to myself. Pretty perfect way tot start the day I say. 

Walking along the Butterfly trail is an absolute joy, and as the temperature rose so did the Butterfly activity. There's something quite relaxing (and for me also inspiring) about walking through a meadow filled full of butterflies dancing from plant to plant. 

And of course it's not just about the butterflies, with all manner of bees, moths, crickets, dragonflies and damselflies in abundance too. Oh and just to top it all of there were pretty decent views of a Barn Owl hunting as well. 

Given we hear so much about the plight of our pollinators a huge thanks goes out to all at the National Trust / Wicken Fen for creating such a magnificent wildlife haven. It looks like it's going to be a great weekend's weather so the perfect opportunity to get yourself down there yourself. 

Below a few images from my morning just give you a taste of what's on offer. 

I plan to head back down again on Sunday. Oh and by the way my butterfly and moth ID isn't really all that so feel free to correct me in any of the IDs above, especially those marked (??) as these are species which are not listed as being obvious on the butterfly trail so it has me questioning myself.