Back over in Ireland to see the folks. It's my first time back over since dad got out of hospital. While the reality of the new normal is stark, it's bloody fantastic to have him back at home - ranting and raving about this and that. But that's him, bark worse than his bite. Shows he still has plenty of fight left in him. 

We have had some wonderful weather conditions over the past week while I've been here but I've resisted the temptation about heading out too much with the camera - the trip is about spending time with mum and dad.  Early mornings however allow me a few hours before the folks get up and yesterday morning I headed down to Island Hill, which is just outside the town I grew up in, Comber. 

Patches of cloud make for a much more interesting sky and the fact that the tide was out allowed for various compositions using the long path which leads to the island. I grabbed my first kiss on that island and also skipped a few days of school laying low on it. Like a poor mans Robinson Crusoe.  

I think I managed a couple of frames which I'm happy with - I'm sure I'll publish those at some point in the future. In the meantime here is one which I converted to B+W in Silver FX. It's a combination of 3 frames which were then merged in Lightroom HDR-Merge. I really like this feature as it simply merges the frames without creating a techno-crazy HDR image. 

When The Tide Goes Out - Fuji XE2 + Samyang 12mm (3 frames merged in LR then Silver FX) 

When The Tide Goes Out - Fuji XE2 + Samyang 12mm (3 frames merged in LR then Silver FX) 

If you look way into the distance to the path as it heads across to the island you should be able to see a lone figure. This chap makes this walk every single morning and I've seen him down there through all conditions. Perhaps a bit small in the frame to really bring anything additional to the image but now you know he's there perhaps it does add something?

Hope you have a great week.