On Thursday of last week I headed into town, armed with one camera (Fuji XE2) and one lens (Fuji 35mm f/1.4). The forecast was for bright sunny conditions, perfect (IMO) for a spot of street photography with a plan for high contrast black and white. 

Now while street photography is something I enjoy, I would not say it's my strongest area. Still I find that by walking about with the Fuji on the street it is really helping to train my eye to see much more from a photographic point of view. On top of this the challenging conditions that you can sometimes be faced with (harsh light, act fast, changing settings) can only help in my other photographic pursuits. 

By the way today I picked up the Fuji X100T for the first time - oh my. Now there is a camera that I could see myself with without too much argument. Ultra thin with an fast f/2 23mm (35mm in old money) lens.  Seems the perfect everyday camera to throw in your bag or pocket. I think it would be perfect for some portrait work of fans at the various sporting events that I cover in my day job. 

Dear Santa ..... :)

Anyway, some images from my walkabout town. As I said earlier all shot on the Fuji XE2+35mm f/1.4 combo. Shooting jpg with B+W(+Y) film simulation. 

Enjoy ...