Quite often, when I'm out on a dedicated wildlife shoot I will also carry my FujiFilm XE2 along for the ride, normally with the Fuji 35mm f/1.4 lens attached. 

Cambridgeshire, and especially the Fenlands, is famous for its flatness which, for a landscape photographer, can present challenges when it comes to framing. While I love nothing more than a challenge I sometimes find the vast openness of a landscape, such as this, becoming lost in the frame of a sub 20mm shot. 

Step up the 35mm which actually, given the crop factor, works out at 56mm; not normally a focal length associated with strong landscape photography perhaps? This is where I feel the flatness of the Fenlands can work to my advantage, as even with an equivalent 56mm focal length you can end up with a seemingly wider frame in front of you. Take the example below, a grab shot for me as I made my way across to my intended spot to photograph Great Crested Grebes. I couldn't resist the colours being painted over the landscape with the purple hues reflected of the calm waters. 

35mm (or around 56mm equiv.) can seem much wider along the flat openness of the Cambridgeshire Fens. 

Another example of my exploration of landscape photography with this camera and lens combination can be found here