Finally managing to get back outside after almost 3 weeks stuck indoors due to a badly burnt foot. The weather however hasn't been playing ball too much and while I may have a few images to go back to on the Fuji, I've actually been enjoying my wanderings with the iPhone. 

Yesterday it was 6 miles around Wicken Fen, and then today it was over to Anglesey Abbey, both sites owned by the National Trust. I love the instant feedback on the iPhone, especially when shooting through one of the various applications, two of my favourites being SnapSpeed and LongExp (the latter of which I touched upon in my latest newsletter).  I guess the only drawback with the iPhone is the battery which, when hitting images hard, can go from 100% down to almost empty over a few hours. 

While the iPhone can handle your typical landscape type shot I really love to use it to capture details and push the boundaries a little with some abstract work. 

All of the images below shot, edited (in the field) and uploaded via the iPhone 5s. The upload bit came when I got home.