In a previous blog post (and something which I also highlighted during a recent camera club talk) is the need to ensure that as well as focusing on your main subject during a photography trip, we also want to make sure we are capturing the story of our trip. 

I've been doing this much more of late and now hope to publish some of those 'moments' in a regularly updated series on the blog. As an individual frame your picture may not seem like much to look at, but, hopefully, when layered alongside other frames from your trip they will tell a much deeper story of your photographic journey. 

As I've always maintained, photography should be fun and I quite like to allow myself some additional creative freedom in both the composition and shooting of these moments, as well as in post processing. 

I hope you enjoy and are inspired to do something similar.  

All images shot on the Fuji XE2 with the 35mm f/1.4 lens. Jpeg with various film simulations in camera applied. 


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