Okay, perhaps the title is a bit heavy handed. Truth is I'll never get bored of sunrise as of course it has meant I've been given another day in which to explore our beautiful planet.  And as a photographer the light experienced in and around the so called golden hour (around sunrise and sunset) can, at times, be pretty special. So what do I mean when I say "bored of sunrise"? 

Never Bad Weather 

I was looking through my digital collection the other day, putting the final touches to a Camera Club talk I'll be doing on the 3rd November, looking for some suitable images to accompany my ramblings. As I flicked through there were a number of images which remained untouched since the day they were taken. I rather like having a large backlog of images to process as it allows me not only to have something to do when I can't get outside, but also with varied subjects and scenes waiting I can pick and choose depending on my mood. 

I realised I had a number of images in which the weather was, well lets say, less than ideal for photography. Despite the lack of colour in a lot of these (even without converting to black and white) I found myself drawn to them much more than the colourful light of the large number of sunrise/sunset shots I have.  They seemed to have more emotion and in fact looking at a few of them I could still remember quite vividly the experience - the harsh elements hitting my face, biting at my finger tips. 

Billy Connolly once said of the weather 

Never bad weather, only the wrong clothes. 

Well I would like to update that slightly by saying

Never bad weather, only the wrong attitude

And so as an ode to shooting in all kinds of weather here's one I grabbed while on a cycling trip with Alistair earlier this year. Twas a fantastic few days out in the hills. 

The Squall; Fuji XE2 + 35mm 

The Squall; Fuji XE2 + 35mm 

Get out there folks, even if you don't make any images, the feeling of the elements on your face is bloomin' good for you. 

This print will soon appear in my online store