A shoot from a few weeks back while down at Burwell Fen. I absolutely love the Fens when the conditions are such. It really does add some mystery and moodiness to the place. Add to that the braying of the Konik Ponies across the wide open spaces, the Ghost of the Fens (the Barn Owl) silently drifting low over the reed beds and the feeling of solitude as you look out and realise that you may be the only person for miles around. Perfection. All images shot on the Fuji XE2 with the Samyang 12mm. Processing in Silver FX Pro 2 with a custom built filter, aptly named A Misty Burwell Morning.

A Frame within a Frame

On Reflection

The Path Forward

A Morning Stroll

The Lone Figure

One Man and his Dog

Hope you enjoyed my little stroll around Burwell Fen. Don't let seemingly unfavourable weather stop you from venturing outside. I feel it's at times like these the Fens really do show their wonderful character.