A few mornings ago I was up bright and breezy (well I was after a large caffeine injection) and out into the morning mist. I had decided to stay reasonably local and check out one of the local Fens no more than 3 miles from where I live. It's actually also a favourite spot of mine when I need to get a few miles on softer ground into my week's running schedule. Marsh Harrier [Male] with Nest Material I was actually on the trail of the illusive Watervole (partly to do with photography and partly to do with a survey that I am taking part in)

Marsh Harrier [Female]Sadly no voles to speak of, but my morning was certainly not a waste as I was able to watch a pair of Marsh Harriers flying for around an hour. Watched the male pass the female a few items of prey as well, which is part of their courtship routine. Such beautiful birds and I'm always happy to see them right on my local patch.

Marsh Harrier in Flight I really hope they are successful in breeding this season. Always an absolute joy to watch.

The image below is actually one from last year this time down at Burwell Fen. I love watching birds of prey hunt over the misty fens. Very evocative, don't you think?

Female Marsh Harrier Over Burwell Fen