Spent a good few hours down at Burwell fen [dawn and sunset] yesterday. Such different conditions, with a heavy fog engulfing the place in the morning, and a beautiful tranquil sunset bathing everything in rich golden light by evening. One of the things I love about Burwell Fen are the Konik Ponies, especially on atmospheric misty mornings. Their calls sweeping across the vast openness, adding a sense of wildness to the place. Konik Ponies of Burwell Fen

They are pretty friendly and despite getting sneezed on a few times it was wonderful to spend 30 minutes with them as they had wandered over to the fence to check me out.

Why the Long Face

They are the perfect subject for some Fisheye fun [Shot on the Samyang Fisheye 8mm] although the one above came a little too close which helped with the distortion of the face. It was shortly after this image was taken I got a little wet (and green). I think one was perhaps getting a little too excited about the conditions. 

Checking Me Out

All images shot on the Fuji XE2 - the top one with the Toy-Camera (in camera) setting. The other two are pretty much direct out of camera jpg shots.

Booming Bitterns, Cuckoos Calling, Barn Owls hunting silently though the mist. What a fantastic tonic for the soul.