I don't enter many photographic competitions - in fact my most recent entry to the Mammal Photographer of the Year was only my second attempt, ever. My first attempt was to the British Wildlife Photography Awards, in which I had a few images put through to the first shortlist, but no further. I came across the Mammal competition a few weeks previously and thought I'd give it go as I really liked the look of some of the shortlisted entries from previous years. Of course, as usual, it was a last minute rush job to send out my chosen entries which was further complicated by being up in the Highlands of Scotland on deadline day. I tell you, I think my internet connection was being hooked into a piece of string that evening.

Anyway, while I didn't win, one of my images was shortlisted (final 20) and has since gone on to get some reasonably nice exposure in the British press. Quite nice to get a wildlife shot in the papers rather than one of a footballer. It's the Roe Deer leaping though the Frozen Cambridgeshire Fenland as pictured below from The Times.

In the Press - The Times

Getting shortlisted was very nice, but what has been most pleasing is that from all of the images that I submitted 4 (out of 5) were taken on what I like to call My Local Patch - an area of wildlife within 15 miles of my home. This particular one was taken on Burwell/Wicken Fen - an area that I am fast growing to absolutely love. The other thing that encouraged me was that two folks I know also were shortlisted, one in fact gaining the runner-up spot. Well done to Ben and Iain.

Head on over to their FaceBook page to see the 20 shortlisted entries. I think my favourite, for obvious reasons, is the Hedgehog. More encouragement on my Wildlife Photographic journey and certainly I may consider further entires in photographic competitions going forward.

Here is a link to the above image on my Portfolio site.  Want to read more about The Great Fen project? Well go here.