For the past few mornings dawn, or rather pre-dawn, as been a-wash with pink hues. I just love pre-dawn light, especially on cold winter's mornings. Of course it would be nice to get an even colder spell but you need to work with what you are given. Pink Dawn

Handheld single shot. Exposed for the highlights and then recovered the shadows. Very impresed with ability of the Fuji XE2 to do this. More frosty mornings like this hopefuilly before Winter leaves us this year. I was shooting hand-held as I was actually welding the 400mm lens for some wildlife stuff. I'm currently looking for a way to attach the Fuji onto my Gitzo tripod so that I can, when needed, do some proper landscape work, even when out with the wildlife kit. Advice most welcome :)

Technical Details

  • Fuji XE2 + Samyang 12mm (18mm equiv)
  • ISO 400
  • 1/60th second

This is taken on Burwell Fen, in Cambridgeshire. See a higher resolution of the image here.