A parcel arrived in the post for me yesterday. It was my trusty Holga which had been on a tour of the UK over the past 2 months. Why, you ask? Well it's all about #HolgaOnTheMove - hit up this link for more details.

The Holga Makes It Home

In brief the idea is that I send my trusty Holga out to people and they shoot 4 images before sending it onto someone else. Once the 16 frames have been taken the Holga trundles its way back to me. This is actually the first time that I've sent it out and it just so happened that after the first roll of film had been completed I was actually on my own travels. Thankfully a friend handled the switch-over and the Holga went out for its second jaunt around the country.

Ready for the Darkroom

A total of 8 people took part, meaning we should have 32 images to go through. I'll hopefully get these developed over the next few weeks and then scan the results in to post online.

This Roll Is On Me

I've also just reloaded the Holga - but this roll of film is all mine :) Stay turned for further updates and of course if you would like to take part in the next round of #HolgaOnTheMove then drop a comment below.

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