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It is a question which I struggle with the older I get. Is it wrong it try and be all kinds of a photographer? I mean I really enjoy Wildlife Photography, and would primarily promote myself as one. I also however shoot commercially as a Sports Photographer. So perhaps I should be known by that tag? And Weddings? Yup I've also covered (and will continue to) Weddings as well. IMG_3506 (1)

But you see I want more. Not that I'm greedy, but how do I know what I really love unless I try it? And by trying it I mean really diving into it. Part of me keeps going back to the old adage Jack of all trades and the Master of none ... and in a way I fully agree. To really open up one's true potential I think you need to focus on one particular discipline. I'm not too sure if the top Wildlife photographers would also call themselves a Landscape Photographer, or those who are eating from the top Sports Photographer table would be as welcome at the Wedding Photographers feast.

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I do however believe that by expanding my horizons into other forms of photography, even just for a period of time, I can only improve my craft and vision in my primary disciplines. One of the most challenging areas of photography for me is on the street. I do however love to shoot on the street (mostly with my iPhone or increasingly my Fuji X-E2). The challenge it presents - capturing the moment along with quite often difficult light is making me much more aware of my surroundings, helping to improve my eye as well as my technical reaction to changing situations.

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I also feel 2015 could be a big year of Landscape Photography for me. Over the past 6 months I've been inspired by some of the best Landscape Photographers out there at the moment and this, along with my desire to explore the UK, is drawing me into this particular discipline more and more.  Of course I also know the painstaking lengths that the top Landscape Photographers go to to fulfil their potential so I appreciate this is going to be one heck of a challenge. Not to mention that I'm based in Cambridge, UK, an area not well know for it's dramatic Landscape Photography potential.

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So is it wrong it spread myself thinly? Will it impact other areas of my work. Or will, by embracing more forms of Photography, I end 2015 a more complete photographer? I guess only time will tell.

Interested in your own thoughts.