Falling Down - Autumn Leaves As I stood watching the leaves fall from the trees I wondered to myself what it must feel like for the leaf. To be attached to something all of ones life, only then at the very end to be rejected and let go. Time to give some zoom-burst technique a bit of a go.

The key factor to creating an effect like this is to maintain a slower shutter speed  - in this case it was 1/25 second. To achieve this during daylight (and without using filters) I needed to up the Aperture while keeping ISO low. I then focus on a particular leaf and while firing the shutter quickly zoom the lens (in or out). To create the feeling of falling I zoomed out in this case. The technique is a lot of fun and while sometimes can be hit or miss it's certainly worth keeping in your locker when you are in one of your more creative moods. Remember with the slower shutter speeds you will need to be careful to avoid unnecessary camera shake.

And as for that particular leaf? Well during my time shooting it hung on. I wonder how long it will last.

Technical details

  • Camera - Canon 1DX
  • Lens - Canon 24-104 f/4
  • Aperture - f/6.3
  • Shutter - 1/25 second
  • ISO - 100
  • Other - as you are taking the exposure quickly zoom the lens in or out. You don't need to zoom too far and of course remember given the slower shutter speeds you may get some unwanted camera shake.